Journal Using S.O.A.P.

This is a simple Bible-reading method to help you take your devotions a bit deeper. It is very simple and can be done in 10 minutes. Choose a passage and follow each of the 4 steps as you read the Bible:

1. Scripture
Pick one verse that really spoke to you in today’s Bible reading. Handwrite out the verse. Writing it out reinforces it in your mind and heart and allows God to further speak to you through that verse.

2. Observation
Write two to three sentences from what you observe about that verse. What does the verse mean? What is the verse saying

3. Application
Write a one or two sentence application from that verse. What is something God wants you to do or believe or receive or say or stop doing or change your thinking on because of that verse?

4. Prayer
Write a one or two sentence prayer to God in response to this Scripture. Ask God to help in applying the verse. Confess a sin that was brought to light. Or thank God for something He said to you. Write a short prayer.


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